Around the Web: Freezer cooking

Over the weekend I cooked a couple items to freeze and bring to a friend that just had a baby.  I felt awfully domestic cooking ahead and seeing a beautiful stack of food in my freezer.  I have been toying with the idea of freezer cooking ever since I discovered the website Once a Month Mom.  This seems like the perfect opportunity to have a stock of healthy meals ready to go for those days when I don’t have as much time to cook because we were out all day or would just rather spend a few more minutes playing with my girls instead of in the kitchen.  Anything to avoid the drive through temptation while I am trying to eat better!

Once a Month Mom is an amazing resource, and completely free!  Every month, they offer several menus: Traditional, Whole Foods (eating whole food, not shopping at the store by the same name), Gluten & Dairy Free, Diet, Vegetarian, and even a Baby Food/Toddler Food menu.  They have also recently started publishing a 5-meal mini menu and a 10-meal mini menu for those that want to try freezer cooking but are too overwhelmed by one of the bigger menus.  I just cannot get over the fact that they provide this resource free-to-you.  They also keep the archives on the site so you have a ton of information to look through and choose from.

In addition to the menus, there is a wealth of information on getting started, what can be frozen safely, how to avoid loss of food quality, etc.

I am not sure that it is feasible for me to spend an entire day in the kitchen right now freezing food for an entire month, but I do plan to try doubling a recipe or two each week to have extras to freeze.  If I am successful, or if I do manage to cook several recipes in one day, I will be sure to photograph it and share the details with you! 🙂

Have you tried freezer cooking?  I would love to hear your experiences on Facebook or in the comment section.  What other ways do you feed your family “conveniently” as far as your time goes, without sacrificing too much nutritionally?


2 thoughts on “Around the Web: Freezer cooking

  1. I’ve done this with a group of 3 other girls. We cooked only “clean” foods and made about 5 meals together. Financially, it was amazing as we’d each only pay about $40 a week. We always made an oatmeal, a soup, and then 3-4 main dishes with plenty for leftovers. The pro was the cost, the friendship, and the wealth of food during the week. The con was it took more than half a day typically. I’d do it again but we let our schedules take over and haven’t had the time to plan our menus, shop, etc.
    I do still make 2-3 dishes on Sunday or Monday that we eat from for the week, usually one is still a soup too.

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